Legionella Risk Assessments – Do You Have The Right Information?

As a landlord you are likely to come across diverse views and recommendations. Some of these are misguided and incorrect. It is important that you have the right information about legionella risk assessments so that you are clear about what is expected of you and what you are required to do. Let us explore all the basics about legionella risk assessments.

Regardless of what opinions and views are posted online, one thing that is for sure to be addressed correctly is the prevention of legionella infection in your waterlines and plumbing systems. In order to do this, you need to first call the best company for legionella risk assessments Scotland has to offer. The legionella risk assessment experts will visit your property and check all the plumbing lines and vulnerable zones for legionella infestations. 

The above process has to be completed regularly and there are no two ways about it. You cannot skip this process or ignore it. The law requires you to ensure a safe and healthy space for your tenants and legionella test is a part of meeting this requirement. You would come across certain companies that mislead homeowners and tell them they need to obtain a legionella risk assessment certificate. The authorities however do not demand for any such certificates and they state clearly no such certificates are recognized. If any consulting companies are going to tell you that they will issue you legionella risk assessment certificate then you should know that they are a rip-off company. You should stay away from such companies. 

Many landlords get confused because as far as gas safety is concerned, they need to get their landlord gas safety certificate which also needs to be renewed on an annual basis. However, when it comes to legionella risk assessments, no such certificate is required. This however does not mean that you can ignore the safety of your tenants. Only in the context of tenant safety, legionella risk assessments need to be performed. You cannot stop with just making the legionella risk assessments but all the required preventive measures need to be taken as well. 

Without knowing all these basics, it would not be a good idea to blindly select any company to take care of the legionella risk assessments. Find out what exactly is expected of you and what would the legionella risk assessment cover. You should also find out in advance how much it is going to cost you for the assessment. 

Depending on your specific situation and the vulnerability points the frequency of the tests has to be decided. If the property is not going to be used for long durations, then before it is put to use legionella risk assessment is a must. Get started now with your search for the best company to take care of your requirements. You need an honest and trustworthy service provider so that you know you are being charged correctly and that you are not being misled in any way. 

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